System Issues 01/19/17 - RESOLVED


8:18 PM ET All sites are back online and the problem has been resolved.  Rackspace reports that the cause was a hardware failure and we have been moved to new hardware. Our apologies for the inconvenience. 

8:10 PM ET Rackspace has notified us that the cloud services are now back online.  Our team is restarting and testing all servers and we anticipate sites being up within 15 minutes.

7:53 PM ET We have just received notification from Rackspace that they are currently investigating the issue and will update our team as soon as they have additional information regarding what is causing the alert on the cloud server our systems are using.

7:32 PM ET We are seeing "Service Unavailable" messages on websites, job boards, talent showcase and HaleyMail sites. The problem has been escalated to our service provider for assistance.

As you may be aware, our web servers are physically hosted with, the world's largest provider of cloud infrastructure.  Haley Marketing has over 40 dedicated servers at Rackspace, which we monitor 24/7/365. We employ not just web servers, but also load balancers, firewalls, and backup services to help ensure optimal performance for your site.

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