SEO and Your Job Board


At present, all Haley Marketing job boards are hosted on a subdomain of our clients’ websites. The software was originally developed this way because it had to work with sites we developed and host as well as sites we did not develop. And at the time the underlying technology was created, Google did not penalize websites for being on a subdomain.

Today, we recognize that hosting our job boards on a subdomain is not ideal from an SEO perspective, and we are making a change to our software to allow the job board to be a subpage of our clients’ websites.  This upgrade will be coming online within the next month. However, please note that hosting the job board on a subpage will only be an option for websites we have developed and host. For websites we did not develop or websites we do not host, the only option to use our job board will be to host it on a subdomain.

Finally, with the recent launch of Google Jobs, we have made modifications to our software to ensure that our jobs are optimized for Google Jobs. This includes optimized URLs, page titles, meta descriptions, and schema mark-up. In our last release, we updated our sitemaps to fully support indexing by Google. And we are continuing to improve the structured data we provide to enhance the quality of the content and appearance of our clients' jobs on Google.

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