2.5 Using Gravatar to Add Job Board Recruiter Bio Images or Talent Showcase Recruiter Images


This is a short video you can supply to your recruiters when asking them to create their Gravatar accounts and upload their images for Recruiter Bios or the Talent Showcase.

The Gravatar site: http://en.gravatar.com


*Note:  You will need to use the same email address as you use to log into myHaley.  This is a separate account & login from myHaley, so you will need to create another account with a password to access Gravatar.

If this video is not cooperating, click here.


Written Instructions:

1. Go to Gravatar.com

2. Click "Sign In" on the top right.

3. Click "Create an Account" (if you don't have one yet)

4. Fill out the sign-up information (make sure to use the same email address as the one used in myHaley / Wordpress)

5. Confirm you account, via email sent by WordPress / Gravatar.

6. "Add a new image" or "Add one by clicking here".

7. Upload New or From URL

8. Click Next.

9. Crop & Finish!

10. Choose a rating (G is recommended)

11. All set!

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