URGENT: Security Hole in Internet Explorer 9 and 10


Internet Explorer 'SnowMan' zero-day spreading: Use alternative or patch with KB 2934088

An attack first noted on the VFW website is spreading, say researchers at Symantec. If you must use IE9 or IE10, get patched now!

"...your smartest approach is to avoid IE9 and IE10 completely -- switch to Chrome or Firefox or your browser of choice. Failing that, bite the bullet and upgrade to IE11. If you absolutely must use IE9 or IE10, it would be a very good idea to apply the Fix It. Start by applying all updates to your version of Internet Explorer, then go to the KB 2934088 site and click the link to enable the MSHTML shim workaround.

"Still no word on when Microsoft will supply a comprehensive fix."

Read the full article here.


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