7.9 How Can I Sponsor a Job and What Happens When I Do?


If you'd like to sponsor jobs on sites like Simply Hired, Indeed and Careerjet, Haley Marketing provides an easy way to do so.  By using the "Sponsor" tag on your job postings in myHaley, you're marking specific jobs to be sponsored on the aforementioned job aggregator sites.

The Sponsor drop-down menu on the job posting in myHaley (under the green "Action" tab) gives you four options:  Select All, Careerjet, Indeed and SimplyHired.

Sponsoring jobs is different from the organic posting of jobs on these sites.  All of your jobs are automatically sent to these job aggregate sites, at no additional charge, although the policies of these aggregator sites ultimately determine what kind of visibility you will get.  Sponsoring jobs on these sites is a paid option to receive more prominent placement in relevant search results. 

The option to sponsor jobs is disabled by default, because we want to be sure that you have an account and a paid relationship set up with these job aggregate sites. It is important to remember, once sponsored jobs have been enabled, and you click "sponsor" on a job, we will mark that job as sponsored in our feed, the appropriate job aggregate site will charge you directly.

One thing to note, if you are using the Haley job board integrated with third party Applicant Tracking Software, this feature may not be available to you.  Contact the support team with questions.

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