Rackspace Maintenance Window Announced - October 27-30


As you may be aware, our web servers are physically hosted with Rackspace.com, the world's largest provider of cloud infrastructure. Haley Marketing has 30 dedicated servers at Rackspace, which we monitor 24/7/365. We employ not just web servers, but also load balancers, firewalls, and backup services to help ensure optimal performance for your site.

Recently, a critical vulnerability that affects a portion of Rackspace's First and Next Generation Cloud Servers fleet has been discovered. To protect the security of your data, Rackspace will patch their infrastructure prior to October 29, 2015, when details of the vulnerability will be publicly released.

To date, Rackspace has remediated this vulnerability for a large portion of their fleet using Live Migrate and Live Patching methods. Due to a number of factors, several instances were not able to be Live Migrated or Live Patched and the host on which they reside will need to be rebooted.

Some of Haley Marketing's services are hosted on instances that will require a reboot. The reboot process will be performed over the course of three nights:

Maintenance window (CDT)
10/27/15 22:00 to 10/28/15 4:00
10/28/15 22:00 to 10/29/15 0:00
10/29/15 0:00 to 10/29/15 2:00

Since several of our servers must be power cycled, we do anticipate some downtime and we will be monitoring the situation closely and apologize for the inconvenience.

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