2.2 Adding Recruiter Bios/Users/Gravatars to myHaley


Each recruiter who is posting talent needs their myHaley bio created. The bio includes an image and a short description of the recruiter who "owns" the talent and will be displayed at the bottom of each talent post.

Enabling / Disabling Recruiter Bios

You can enable/disable recruiter Bios from showing by logging into myHaley.haleymarketing.com and navigating to Talent Showcase>Settings>Searching Settings. Toggle the "Display Recruiter Bios?" checkbox to display/hide the bios.

Adding an Image to a Recruiter Bio (click her for a video tutorial)

Haley Marketing's Talent Showcase uses Gravatars in the Recruiter Bios section.  Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you comment or post on a blog, etc.

Please give the following link to each recruiter and ask them follow the instructions on the site to add an image to the recruiter bios box. The Gravatar must be set up using the same email address (e.g., the person's work email) as assigned on the talent post.


Once they have set up their Gravatars, the image will automatically display on the job board for all jobs posted with that person as the owner.

Adding a Description to a Recruiter Bio

Next to the Gravatar image, you may display a description about the recruiter. To add the description, login to myHaley.haleymarketing.com and click on the Admin link in the left side navigation menu.

Please note: This must be done by a user with the Administrator role.

Select the user, and add the description to the "Display Fields" tab.  Only the information in the "Display Fields" tab will show on the Talent Showcase.  Once you are done, click off the field and the description will now appear in the Recruiter Bio on the talent page of every talent post that recruiter is assigned to.

Basic Information tab:

Display Fields tab:

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